moved to wordpress already. its a great world over there! haha.

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aras aras aras

yay aras won. joy to the world.

till i can come to terms with the mediocrity that is my writing, this will be it.

ciaos. its gonna take some time.

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its like sitting there waiting for the fish to take the bait

its friggin 3plus am now. i would pretty much like to sleep but theres a sickoass insect flying in my room and seriously how to sleep with that man. and of course the main reason is that i Cant drop, as much as i would love to. insomnia sucks. my words realli come and bite me in my ass man. cos i was jus telling yx that these days i sleep earli like around ten plus eleven, which is the truth. ok so i did sleep at ten just now but i woke up at twoAm. for no bloody rhyme or reason. how fishcakey.

now i have to find entertainment for myself. the new cd's not too bad. brendan benson. its like a long lost love. wakaos. major alliteration there, haha.

i feel like myself again
where were you my fair weathered friend
i was a mess but you couldnt care less
now that i am over it no thanks to you
-- feel like myself (bb)

good stuff, good stuff- this song and the man on top.

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when freedom comes

its no joke trying to move a room of stuff from one place to another. realli why the hell did i bring so much stuff over to hall? why why why. and some of them i din even touch during my stay in hall. so in an attempt to create a go against my normal lazyass self i wanted to finish my packing. there was like ten thousand bags of crap and three boxes of more crap... so the whole frantic unpacking and repacking starts and i couldnt stop cos my mom will porbably faint when she walk through the door. i sweated like there's no tomorrow so its a good workout of sorts for me, but i also meant that i broke out into rashes all over my face - yes i am allerrgic to my own sweat (makes for good excuse to skip that exercise). so its one day later and i am about 5/7 done with all the crap. was suppose to go out today but well things din exactly go according to plan so so thats that. i hope everything goes well over there man. ok youtube here i come!

ps: its 107-100000000 chiaos-nil. you realli got me there man. i **** you!

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champs chelsea

eat your hearts out man u fans..

omg tis calls for celebration.. on a night when you devils incarnate should be trying your best to deny us of our back to back wins (earlier anyway -- its only a matter of time we clinch the title anyway), you guys just bailed. seriously. what was that?? were you even on the pitch wayneroos? oh ya i saw you get stretchered off someway.. to be frank i am a lil sad tat you got injured. what will happen to england? though my head tells me that brazil will probably go on to win, but my heart remains loyal to england man. hope he recovers. and terry the terrific too.. hows that for inspiration man.. he's the man.. refusing to come off despite knocks on his hip.. he's the best england can offer... jamie carragher is good too.. so Step aside rio.. you reckon you are a wall huh.. din know you are that humourous..

yeah yeah yeah. the 3-0 made my day, which was spent slacking away.. i am not kidding man.. i slept, watch teevee and ate my entire day away.. call me a pig. a couch potato.. whatever. this is bad.

but still kudus to mourinho. what can i say. you are the man.

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i have a newfound dislike for cab-drivers. dun ask me why.

theres this tale abt a guy whose hands make stuff turn into stone. i have an ability that is akin to that of his man. whatever i say (with gusto, mind u) will CEASE to come true. this "talent" also goes by the name of jinxed-ass. oh wat crap. fk la.

why must you irritate me like that? what have i done to offend you man. this is gonna sound kinda mean but i want to see you suffer man. real bad. i am evil ya.

i love cao ge. he rocks.

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wat the ..

my eyes are failing me.. despite me making changes to the brightness settings.. still very glari-ish (what the hell was that? my vocab's real bad man.)

just had a fight with my dad. its the first, or mabbe second time i talk back to him in his face. i talk bad abt him all the time actualli. Behind his back though. haha. but jus now was the first time i talk back to him. In his face. i was just very erm. irritated bacause he is so short-tempered. and i got mad at him because i am short-tempered myself. i got the blardie genes frm him you see. all the while when this hoohaa was going on, the smartypants that is my sis was deep set in slumber la. sho clever lor. got herself outta this mess. ta ma de.

my eyes realli very pain man.. i shall continue with this later..

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